What Does the Employee Free Choice Act Mean For You?

Passed in 2009, the Employee Free Choice Act is a set of laws that was put together to help employees of all types to get what they need, more so than the labor laws of the day. What was involved in this? Did it matter in the bigger picture and what sorts of things were going on? Many people don’t completely understand everything that is involved in this process and, because of that, they may be looking at a lot of different factors related to it. Let’s take a closer look at what this means.

Protection From Unfair Practices

Unfair labor practices are an issue throughout the country, so it’s important to have laws in place that protect people from dealing with these issues. It can help people to get the overtime pay they deserve, to prevent low wages, and to deal with other problems before they even start to rear their ugly heads to those around us.

Unionization is Simpler for Everyone

With the help of the EFCA, it really does make a difference for unionization. It helps people to stay private about their secret ballots and it makes it easier for votes to go through so that unionization is a reality for people. It can be hard to sort out what needs to happen in these contexts, but with some help from this and other pro-union laws, unionization can end up becoming a reality much easier than it may have been otherwise.

Raises Wages for Working Employees

Better wages means happier employees and much less stress associated with what needs to happen and how people are going to be able to get what they need for their families. Unfortunately, if many people had their way, employers would be able to pay their employees next to nothing – and that’s problematic and illegal. This law was put into place so that people, no matter where they work or what they are doing in the United States, are able to get what resources that they need in order to have the opportunities afforded them in this country.

Prevents Supervisors and Employers from Intimidating Pro-Union Persons

There are a lot of problems that can come up in regards to unionization, but one of them is the fact that people can intimidate pro-union persons so that they don’t vote in favor of unionization. Thankfully, there are a number of fail-safes that are put into this law in order to protect those people and give them what they need when it comes to protecting them as they form unions.

There’s a lot to be said about this law, and it should be protected by people as time goes on. Unions have been shown to be positive for employers, employees, and the economy as a whole, so it’s important to look at what may be involved here and work out exactly what may need to happen to keep this as a law that can make a difference in our country.